Wednesday, 7 March 2007

toffs and tossers

A lot of fuss made recently about David Cameron and the photo of the Bullingdon Diners Club - apparently the photo copyright holders have declined to release it any more.. too many tory boy indiscretions eh?
meanwhile, the photo of Tony Blair from his college days, long hair and boater at a jaunty angle has revealed that it too has generally been edited or cropped so as not to show the unmistakeable gesture with the left hand.

All I can say is that if we all got hot under the (eton) collar about young people and what they get up to in photos we'll never have kids putting up two fingers behind the head of the person in front of them, nor kids appearing twice on the long school photo by running round the back as the camera rotates from one end to the other.

Isn't that the point? what we now take for granted as photo manipulation done on photoshop or some such other whizzy software, when we are kids we have to do by improvisation.

Come on folks, lighten up.

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simon said...

>>nor kids appearing twice on the >>long school photo by running round >>the back as the camera rotates from >>one end to the other.

lol - my bessie college friend did that, and of course it made the image so much more creative (and memorable). happy dayz.